Am I Showering Enough?

It’s more likely that you are showering too much.
And why wouldn’t you? Whether it is the first thing in the morning or after a long arduous day when that hot water hits you all of the stresses melt away. You close your eyes and imagine your happy place and prepare for whatever is next. It is one of life’s pleasures.
But we have all heard that hot showers are bad for your skin and that washing your hair too frequently strips it of important oils. But there is also such a thing as taking too many showers.
In fact, if you are taking 2 showers a day, you will want to be sure those are short showers, like 5 minutes long.
And short is not the only recommendation. Showers should be active. Standing under the water stream for too long will dry out your skin. You want to make sure you are moving and turning so the water does not hit the same spot continuously.
Yes, we are ruining showers for you right now. Sorry.
But we care about your skin, for sure!
The 5-Minute Shower
If you are struggling to figure out what a 5-minute shower looks like, here are some tips.
Your hair does not need to be washed every day. Your hair type should dictate the frequency so it is hard to say here. However, washing it too little will cause dandruff build-up on the scalp, so when you do wash your hair, be sure to scrub your scalp. Washing the scalp is more important than the hair!
Your legs and arms likely do not need to be soaped up each day either. If you have not gotten dirty or sweaty, there is no need to scrub them. Focus on the parts that need cleaning-armpits, feet and groin.
Be sure that the soap you use is moisturizing. Some of the more traditional soaps can be drying and harsh. Be careful when you are scrubbing yourself. Don’t scrub too hard. Too much exfoliation is a bad thing.
Not Just Short, But Lukewarm Too
Short and lukewarm showers also help with shaving. If you shave in the shower, do it at the end when the hairs are softer. However, if the water is too hot, those hairs can be limp and hard to get.
If you just cannot do a lukewarm shower, try to at least give your final rinse off in cooler water. This is good for your hair and your skin. It helps seal in the conditioner and encourages blood flow.
Lastly, be sure to moisturize immediately after a shower. This helps keep the moisture in! However, moisturizing is not just for after showers. You should moisturize 2xs a day, especially in the winter.
Can I Ever Take a Hot Shower?
YES! Hot showers can be amazing treats for tense muscles. They also can help with blemishes by opening up the pores. Respiratory issues can find relief in a hot shower by loosening up phlegm and nasal congestion.
And most obviously, hot showers provide relaxation, which is important!
Like everything else, take hot showers in moderation.
And if you need one more reason to shower less:
Showering too much can be bad for your skin, and uses lots of water. According to Boston University, cutting your shower by 2 minutes can save 10 gallons of water.