Eunre’s Must-Have Beauty Products

Your face is the first thing people see, so here are some products that will help you send the right message.
Eunré Lip Balm
Taking care of your lips is important for a variety of reasons. First, your lips have thin skin. Cracked and dried lips are painful. Oftentimes, people with cracked lips lick them to relieve the pain by temporarily providing their lips with moisture. This provides short term relief and looks childish and silly. In fact, another reason to care for your lips is simple aesthetics. Cracked and sometimes bleeding lips just look bad and can give off the wrong impression of you.
Eunré lip balm is made with only the best ingredients. Because Eunré knows how important self-care is, we carefully curate our ingredients so you have one less thing to worry about. Our lip balm will enhance the look and feel of your lips while moisturizing and protecting your lips. We use beeswax, Candelilla wax, shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E and orange oil.
Lip Scrubs
If your lips are already too chapped and dry, you should try our lip scrub. Eunré sweet lips scrub gently exfoliates & hydrates. It's a unique 2-in-1 formula that's simple and sweet. Specially formulated with real brown sugar that scrubs and exfoliates with a blend of coconut oil and soothing jojoba beads to nourish and soothe dry lips. The best part is after scrubbing, your lips are petal-soft. Again, we use the best ingredients: sucrose, prunus armeniaca, honey, Vitamin E, Simmondsia Chinensis (jojoba) seed oil and jojoba beads.
For the smoothest and most supple lips, use lip scrub about three times a week before bed. After applying the lip scrub, apply our lip balm.
Face Roller
Get a face roller like this Black Jade Face Roller. The Black Jade roller is great because jade stays cool even when it touches your skin allowing for it to constantly stimulate your skin.
It feels good! Your face is made up of muscles. Smiling, frowning, talking, laughing, eating and winking at that cutie all take muscles. And like the muscles in the rest of your body, facial muscles can get stiff and tired. Massage them! Plus massages are known to boost your mood!
Decrease puffiness; yes, please. Puffy eyes say everything you don’t want the world to know. Puffy eyes are caused by fluid collecting. Massaging your face helps disperse that fluid.
Improve circulation! Even after five minutes of a face massage, a 2008 study found an increase in blood flow. After 5 weeks of regular face massages, this same study found an increase in vasodilation in response to heat. This suggests that these massages increase overall circulation.
Glow up! That improved circulation will also produce that healthy glow you may miss from your younger years. No worries. You can get that back!
Speaking of younger years. Working the muscles of your face, like other muscles, tightens those muscles. Yes, this is a workout for your face that helps fight off and reverse the sagging effects of aging.
Eunre’s Black Jade Face Roller
This is also small and compact so when you are traveling it is easy to bring along. Or if you have a long day ahead of you and maybe need a little boost, this will fit right in your bag. This jade roller is 100% jade making it easy to clean.
Gentle Cleansing Pads
We have all been there- coming home from a long day, kicking off our shoes, pulling off our bra, leaving a trail of clothes right to the bedroom where we fall into bed with makeup still on. The next morning waking up in a flood of dread because sleeping in makeup and a day’s filth and grime is the worst thing for your skin. It happens.
But it does not have to happen. Like usual someone somewhere, like Eunre, has thought of you and your long day and came up with a solution: cleansing pads.
Let's bring out the natural beauty inside each of us!