Eunre's New Beauty Line: Flesh

Eunre is excited to announce the absorption of a now defunct but wonderful cosmetics company, Flesh. When Flesh announced they were going out of business and wanted to get rid of their remaining product, Eunre did not hesitate to swoop in.

We are proud to unveil this product. 

The founders of Flesh will admit the name is possibly, well, gross. But that was part of the intention. Though there is some slow change, the word flesh has been used to describe a beige color. Think of the crayons when you were a kid. Think of the “nude” nylons we buy. Think of the color of band-aids that are meant to blend with your skin.

This color, what most have called flesh, is only the color of a handful of people’s flesh. We come in all kinds of colors and shades, and that is what the company Flesh wanted to acknowledge and celebrate.

While this started with foundation, 40 shades of foundation, it did not end there. Flesh isn’t a line of just nudes or subtle colors. Nope! They designed lipsticks and eyeshadows and blush to give you the wow you might want.

This philosophy matches perfectly to that of Eunre’s. Established on the ideals of individualism, Eunre offers beauty products for everyone to enjoy.

We believe that every woman is unique, which is why we create products that are perfect for everyone's needs. Our team of beauty specialists has contributed to our speedy development and presence.


Supplies are limited, and you do not want to miss out!