Fall 2021 Makeup Trends

That is right. We are already talking about fall! It is always about this time of the summer when the desire to switch to fall fashions hit. 

So are you ready for what's new this fall! You should be.

Keep It Classic

Good news, the classic winged eyes and red lipstick is not going anywhere. This is a timeless look and we couldn’t be happier for that.


Think electric blue or bright pink eyelids this FALL. Many think of this as a summer style, but fashion week revealed it as a fall trend this year, and we are ready to embrace it.

Natural With a Hint of Vampire

Dark maroon lips and that is it. Keep the rest of your face natural and let those lips do the talking!

Face Decals

Little stars or sparkles can really change the look. And you can decide what it changes your look too. A subtle little sparkle to the face is fun and flirty, but turn it up a notch and boom you are making a statement.

Grunge is Back

If sparkles, neons and winged eyes do not get you excited, maybe a grungy throwback to smudged eyeliner will.


Yeah, we are not leaving this one yet. Keep batting those flashy lashies!

These trends come after a year and a half of being stuck inside the house and isolated or if you were outside, you were masked and distanced. This fall we are ready to say here I am!