Fall Fashion Favorites

Last fall we embraced the sweats and leggings. This summer, we were able to get out a bit more, and many were still embracing the casual look, but many of us were excited to celebrate hot girl summer as well.

With high hopes, the fashion industry is presenting us with some great new trends. And even if your job/school goes to work from home or if you are hesitant to do in-person activities, it seems we are all ready for cute outfits- even on Zoom- Zoomfits, if you will.

Here is what to expect: The 90s in Full Effect

The 90s have been cool for a while (and if you are a Gen Xer, they likely never stopped being cool to you). This fall we can expect to see fashionistas embracing the 90s completely rather than using accent pieces as in the last few years.

  •  Baguette pants with skirts
  • White t-shirt under a silk slip dress
  • Square-toed boots
  • Long maxi length cardigans or a more updated cropped cardigan as a shirt.
  • Mini-skirts with sneakers
  • Chunky dog collars for your inner punk
  • Knee socks in all the styles
  • Spandex bike shorts are fashionable now, not just practical exercise wear
  • Bucket hats
  • Combat boots with or without fishnets
  • Fishnets with or without combat boots
  • Fanny packs. Laugh all you want, but they are cute and practical, and not fashionable again
  • High waisted jeans
  • Bell bottoms, flare and baggy pants
  • Patches on denim

If you have not already noticed that big scrunchies and headbands are coming back, I am here to tell you--get some now. Or if you’re a real 90s kid, start making your own. And while you're accessorizing, get yourself a cute stuffed animal bag.

No matter your age, this fashion trend is just what we need. It is fun and carefree. And as we enter what could possibly be another harrowing fall, we can all use a little Gen X influence in our life. Though often seen as cynical, kids from the 90s definitely embrace their individuality and informality!