Give the Gift of Self Care

When you get on a plane, the flight attendant reminds you that you must put your oxygen mask on before assisting others with theirs. If you are not breathing properly, how can you help others breathe?

These directions should not only apply to an emergency situation on a plane. In fact, in real life they can help stave off unwelcome situations.

This is where self care comes in. We have to care for ourselves because it allows us to take care of others.

The world is a hectic place, and it is easy for anyone to get wrapped up in the 24 news cycle, the demands of the workplace, the needs of the family and the constant household chores. These all seem important, and we can each imagine the negative effects of ignoring them.

And often we neglect our mental and physical well being because it is easier to ignore those negative consequences; we can likely hide them from others for a bit.

But as our self neglect becomes chronic, the effects become obvious and ubiquitous. Neglecting our own well being ultimately affects our friends, family, health and work.

What is Self Care

Self care extends across all aspects of our minds and bodies. Nutrition, hygiene and physical and mental medical care are all included. 

Each of us needs these basics taken care of for basic health. But to really reduce the stressors and to really start living in joy, each of us also needs to take time in one or more of these categories.

Some people may need to exercise daily. Some may prefer massages or meditations. Others may prefer to spend time preening and primping. It all depends on how you feed your soul.

Self Care Gifts

Unfortunately, there is some guilt and shame around taking care of yourself. And that is why the gift of self care is perfect.

It is something that everyone needs and wants yet self conscious about getting.

Eunre has so many perfect gifts for the woman in your life who needs a gentle reminder to care for herself. Eunre’s new spa line is perfect for this.

Comfort and beauty are perfect ways to care for oneself.