Makeup Trends for Spring 2022

Every time I read a blog about fashion trends, I become a bit put off. While the articles are so fun to read and the styles are amazing, they are typically not for me. Like, how am I supposed to wear THAT to my office job or where will I find the time to contour my face or elaborately design my eyelids.

I know there are creatives out there you can accomplish all of this in a normal day to day life, but for those of us who are not artists and maybe do not find pleasure if taking hours to do our makeup, does that mean that we cannot participate in the trends?

I do not have an answer for that, but what I do know is that this spring is our season!

Makeup trends for spring of 2022 are all about looking fresh and natural.

It makes sense. After 2 intense years, we all had hopes of 2022 returning to normal. And while we are not there yet, I think most of us are still really hopeful. And with that return to normal comes an embrace of our natural selves.

Here is what to look for this spring.

Light Foundation

This offers the natural look, maybe a bit dewier, maybe a bit smoother, but natural and light. 

Flush Cheeks

Add to that dewy look with a little bit of blush on your cheeks. Don’t have any blush and not looking to spend the money. Take a little bit of lipstick and apply to your just. Just the right amount to give it that natural spring time look.


And your lips and your lids. Translucent eyeshadow will add to your natural and dewy look. It will appear as if you had eyeshadow on and maybe it is wearing off giving you that relaxed and confident look that is oh so sexy. 

And of course, lip gloss is not going anywhere! If you have not tried lipgloss since your early teen years, try it again. The recipes have changed and they are far less gooey.

I am loving these trends- easy, sexy and natural. 

Are you ready to show off your natural glow?

To get your skin ready for these gorgeous spring trends, prep your skin with Eunre’s Gentle Scrubs, Face Serums and even a Jade Roller!