Clean & Scrub Face Bundle

Clean & Scrub Face Bundle

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Bundle includes: (1) Eunre Face Cleansing Pads and (1) Eunre Gentle Face Scrub

Eunre Gentle Face Scrub

Want a radiant face glow? Eunre's Gentle Face Scrub is a non-drying exfoliator and moisturizing face scrub, for silky soft skin. It's designed with brown sugar crystals, and natural humectants that prevent moisture loss and gently removes dry skin, while natural oils nourish.

How to Use

Use your finger to mix the product in the jar so the precious oils are evenly distributed. Then apply a generous pinch to wet skin and massage gently. Repeat until you've covered your entire face. Rinse well and pat dry.


Eunre Face Cleansing Pads

You can breathe easy when you inhale, the light fresh scent of the natural ingredient wipes and know that this gentle cleanser will make your makeup (and the day’s stresses) disappear.

Our soft and comfortable make-up remover pads dissolve stubborn makeup – including waterproof mascara, along with traces of dirt and oil

Leave skin feeling fresh and looking clean with no heavy residue.

Packaged in a LIGHTWEIGHT container, perfect for traveling.